Rambler Home Designs

Rambler home design emphasize openness, with few interior walls, efficient use of space and optional finished basements. Nilson Homes rambler designs are packed full of features and diversity, guaranteeing a broad spectrum of architectural design styles.

Beds: 3/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 2,811

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,149

Beds: 3/7 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,181

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,248

Beds: 1/4 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,344

Beds: 3/6 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,420

Beds: 3/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,436

Beds: 3/7 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,457

Beds: 3/6 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,472

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,533

Beds: 4/7 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,590

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,695

Beds: 3/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,722

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,801

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,851

Beds: 3/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 3,910

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2.5/3.5 | Total Sqft: 3,991

Beds: 2/6 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 4,012

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 4,104

Beds: 2/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 4,174

Beds: 3/5 | Baths: 2/3 | Total Sqft: 4,226

Beds: 3/6 | Baths: 2.5/3.5 | Total Sqft: 4,576

Rambler Style Home Designs in Northern Utah

There are a lot of things that come into play when you are searching for the right rambler home design for your family, and that includes finding a new home builder you feel completely confident in using. At Nilson Homes, your premier home builder in Northern Utah, we will work with you closely to ensure building a new home is a great experience!

At Nilson Homes, it’s our goal to help you find and fall in love with the perfect home for your needs. We have a wide variety of home designs that range from rambler to two story, all of which have been crafted with convenient yet comfortable architectural details. We know that while a two story may be right for one family, a rambler can be a better fit for another. We’re here to help you decide what works best for your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Building a Rambler Home Design

Nilson New Home Builder bedroomIf you’ve always dreamed about living in a rambler, researching rambler homes is a good place to start. When it comes to Nilson Homes rambler styles, we offer a wide variety of open floor plans with optional finished basements as well as bonus rooms. Our beautiful rambler home designs feature fewer interior walls and better uses of space—and that’s just a few of the many benefits of building a rambler style home.

While most people know, a rambler is akin to main-level living with the bonus of a basement, what they don’t realize is that rambler floor plans typically have more efficient and usable space. This means that ramblers have larger rooms that are close in proximity, making it easier for you travel from room to room when necessary. And, because room sizes are bigger as well as close together, ramblers are perfect for entertaining large groups.

Nilson New home builder kitchenRambler homes also have fewer stairs to navigate, which may not seem like that big of a deal. However, when you bring home a new baby that constantly needs items from his or her bedroom throughout the day, two story stairs feel like more of an inconvenience. And if you happen to have regular visits from any elderly individuals who are no longer very “sprightly” when walking, moving up and down the stairs can be a real pain.

A few other benefits you’ll enjoy if you decide to build a rambler style house includes lower utility costs when it comes to heating and cooling. Since the air in kept on one floor it is easier to regulate temperatures within the home with the help of a fully insulated roof. Other regular maintenance like washing windows and cleaning out rain gutters is much more convenient and easy to do on your own. Ramblers are also less dangerous when it comes to hanging Christmas lights, so there’s that too!

There are many other pros to building a rambler style home, and at Nilson Homes, we’re happy to point them out!

Choosing to Build a Rambler

Once you’ve decided a rambler is the way to go, we’ll help you find the floor plan that fits your family’s lifestyle. Whether you want a master near other bedrooms or on the opposite side of the house for a little more privacy, we have a wide range of choices with details you’re going to love!

If you are ready to build a new home, or even want to put in a little more due diligence when it comes to finding the right layout for your family, contact us at Nilson Homes today!