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Key To Success: Helping Area Students Achieve Their Goals

September 29, 2019

Key To Success: Helping Area Students Achieve Their Goals

At Nilson Homes, we love to give back to our community. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about a program we are part of called, Keys to Success. Keep reading for the scoop on this awesome program and how it helps kids in Utah plan for the future!


Keys to Succes is an incentive program designed to help high schools achieve their academic and career goals. Since the program started in 2004, it’s grown exponentially each year. As of 2019, Keys to Success is in 62 high schools and is involved with over 150,000 students!


The program saw so much success since it started that an app was launched in the fall of 2018. The Keys to Success app expands on the original premiss of the program by helping high school students plan for life after high school. Students simply fill in a little information about themselves and from there, the app provides different resources tailored to that individual.

These resources include a list of available:

  • scholarships
  • internships
  • technical college certificates
  • + other career opportunities

The app also helps students track their progress and provides information on tools like ACT prep and FAFSA help. The Keys to Success app also rewards the students for their hard work. Interacting with the apps helps them earn points that can be redeemed for prizes. What’s more, parents can follow along with a monthly email updating them on their child’s progress.


Over the summer, the Success in Education Foundation hosted a free, five-day boot camp called “Build to Success.” The boot camp is an extension of the Keys to Succes program and is centered around the foundations and trades within the construction and homebuilding industries. To make it happen, the Success in Education Foundation partnered with the Utah Homebuilders Association, the Utah technical colleges, and Salt Lake Community College.

This June, 42 students registered for the Build to Success boot camp, which was offered on four campuses: Bridgerland Technical College, Ogden-Weber Technical College, Davis Technical College, and Salt Lake Community College. During the program, students spent mornings learning about plumbing, electrical, automation, and wood-working. In the afternoons, they applied their new-found knowledge with hands-on projects where they built:

  • Dog houses
  • Chicken coops
  • Mini Homes
  • An “exploding” prank piggy bank

At the end of the boot camp, students were invited to take home their tool bags, hard hats, and projects completed during the week.


Construction and homebuilding companies are welcome to participate in the program. Simply create an account on the Keys to Success App. In addition to offering opportunities for area students, creating a community account lets over 25,000 students know about your company and recruitment opportunities. With an account on the Keys to Success app, your organization can post about internships, scholarships, open houses, and other company happenings.

Ready to get started? Click here to set up a community account on the Keys to Success App. Interested in learning more about the program and how you can reach thousands of Utah students with education and career opportunities? Contact Sebastian Sturdevent, the Senior Program Manager of the foundation, at sebastians@sieutah.org.

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