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Clean building sites at Nilson Homes

June 3, 2021

In our effort to build high quality production homes, we have noticed that it is important to keep our job sites as clean as possible.  Clean job sites decrease the likelihood of accidents and keeps the products that are already installed protected from the dirt and damage that can be caused by future product installation.   

The biggest thing that we have done to keep the job site clean is to bring in the gravel for the driveway early in the build process so that everyone has a clean path to get to the house.  This has greatly diminished the amount of mud and dirt inside of our homes during the build process.

Another part of this process is our agreement with our trade partners.   We have agreed that they are timely in their installation and that they clean up after they are finished to make sure the job site is ready for the next trade to come in. This has made a big difference in keeping our homes protected and to make sure that they are finished in good time.  

Another huge benefit of having clean job sites is that when you drive through the community, you see clean, organized job sites instead of an unsightly mess the entire time the home is being built.

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