ProcessBuying Process

Your Journey to Homeownership with Nilson Homes

  • Begin with a Nilson Homes Specialist

    Step1Begin with a Nilson Homes Specialist

    Kick off your home buying adventure by connecting with a dedicated Nilson Homes Specialist. Whether you prefer to call, text, or use our online form, we're ready to guide you to your dream home.

    • Financing Your Future

      Step2Financing Your Future

      Explore financing options tailored to your needs. Our team will connect you with trusted lenders to secure the best mortgage rates and terms, ensuring a smooth financial path to homeownership.

      • Finding the Perfect Home

        Step3Finding the Perfect Home

        Armed with your budget and desires, we'll compile a personalized selection of homes for you. Review them at your convenience, and let us arrange visits to your top picks. Our listings are frequently updated, keeping your options fresh.

        • Making an Offer

          Step4Making an Offer

          Found the one? It's time to make an offer. Your Nilson Homes Specialist will take care of the paperwork and walk you through the process, ensuring you're confident and informed every step of the way.

          • Under Contract

            Step5Under Contract

            Congratulations, your offer has been accepted! Your Specialist will keep you updated as you prepare for the final steps, assisting with any mortgage arrangements as your move-in day approaches.

            • New Home Orientation

              Step6New Home Orientation

              Take a detailed tour of your new Nilson Home with your Specialist, ensuring everything meets your standards before the final paperwork.

              • Closing Day

                Step7Closing Day

                It's the big day! You'll meet with your Specialist to sign the final documents. After about an hour, the keys to your Nilson Home will be in your hands.

                • The 30 Day Check-In

                  Step8The 30 Day Check-In

                  After you've settled in, we'll check in to ensure everything in your new home is functioning as it should. Your satisfaction is our priority.

                  • The 12 Month Home Check-In

                    Step9The 12 Month Home Check-In

                    One year later, we'll reach out again to see how you're enjoying your Nilson Home. This check-in supports our commitment to your long-term satisfaction, ensuring any issues are addressed under our 'new home' warranty.

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